Our Big Dubai Adventure went live in July 2015, only a few months after I moved to Dubai with my husband and little baby boy. I initially started this blog to keep family and friends informed about our new life in the desert but rapidly realised that my texts were read by a steadily increasing number of mums in Dubai and across the UAE.

Our Big Dubai Adventure is a window to a mum’s daily adventures in the sandpit. My posts are honest. Real. And written straight from the heart.

Through my blog and social media, I love to connect with other parents. Share interesting nds. And hopefully inspire from time to time.

I have a passion for supporting local businesses and start-ups. And for finding the best ‘hidden treasures’ for desert mums like myself.

My readership is not huge. But loyal. And organically grown. I’m still one of the ‘old- school bloggers’ who enjoys the power of words, the beauty of photography as well as honest reviews. Rather than chasing numbers.

I love supporting people who are passionate about their products, their projects, and ideas. From my experience, collaborations work best when I personally get excited about the brand I am working with and can’t stop myself from talking about it to my friends.

I am happy to review locations and products that I believe will be of interest to my readers (and my kids!) and to engage in long-term collaborations with relevant businesses. Being an artist at heart, I am especially interested in creative projects that allow me to get personally involved (personalised kids items, arts and crafts etc.). I also particularly advocate activities and toys that are both educational and fun.

Recently, I have started teaming up with local businesses to organise workshops for mums and kids. Bringing ‘real’ people together, seeing the little ones enjoy themselves definitely adds another component to my blogger experience, which I would love to develop.

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For more information, please email tani@ourbigdubaiadventure.com.


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