Our Big Dubai Adventure is about life in the sandpit. It is about a mum. Her feelings. Her thoughts. Her daily struggles and joys. And it is about the kids. About cool things for them to do. About parks to explore and camels to ride. There’s a daddy as well. Daddy is often at work. But when he’s home, daddy is everyone’s hero.

It is about motherhood. About motherhood thousands of kilometres away from home. Where mums face the same challenges. Where motherhood is exactly the same. And yet completely different.

And it is about you. About all the wonderful mums I’ve met since we’ve arrived in the desert. And about those that I am still going to meet. It’s about sharing experiences and supporting each other. About laughing together and answering questions when family is not around.

Yes. I think that’s it.

It’s about us.

And you.

And Dubai.

Our Big Dubai Adventure.


I’m Tani De Gregorio. I moved to Dubai two years ago when my eldest son was just about three months old. Moving to Dubai has turned my life upside down. Or maybe it was the fact that I became a mum.

I spend my days entertaining my two little munchkins, Luca (born July 2014) and Maëva (born May 2016), while sneaking a peek on Instagram from time to time. I go to the beach too rarely and to the supermarket too often. I wish I’d spend more time reading and a bit less worrying about this and that.

Before I had kids, writing was what I did for a living. Now, it is what I do to live. Blogging, for me, is more than a hobby. It’s a mini vacation when the kids are asleep. A relaxing massage, a chat with a friend. A window to the world, a dive in the pool. It’s about growing and learning. About sharing and connecting with other mums.

I only write when there is something to say. What you read is the naked me. There is no embellishment. No lie. Just honest writing about my life as an expat mum in Dubai.

I hope you enjoy reading my little blog. Don’t hesitate to email me on tani@ourbigdubaiadventure.com or via the form if you have any questions or requests or if you simply want to say hi.


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